Refresh and Restart

The One and Only

Refresh and Restart's gone? What just happened? Where did all of that work go that I spent so much time putting together??

Starting over is not always easy, yet it is sometimes necessary. There are even times where it is not a choice made on a whim so much as the only way forward. I have seemingly had to restart more times than I would have ever imagined I would need to.

While starting over can be annoying or even daunting, it can also bring a refreshing change to your environment, mindset, and routine. The shift can allow for new opportunity and growth. Taking the time to review and evaluate the current situation and then applying the insights to move in a modified or altogether different direction can be quite revealing and helpful.

While there are many serious situations that require restarting through lots of struggle, energy, and change, this restart that I am facing at the moment is primarily my fault for not backing up a lot of information that is lost somewhere. Oops! May the restarts still ahead of you bring good, positive change that leads to greater abundance and a refreshed life!


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